2021 Newcomers

📷 Patrick Kilbourn


A letter containing more specific details regarding welcoming has been sent out to all Newcomers via email. If you have not received it, please contact us. This website and our Instagram page should keep you up to date with all things Wilgenhof in the meantime.

Law students are scheduled to arrive on the 2nd, while other Newcomers should arrive at res on Wednesday the 3rd of March.

Our leadership strives to create a friendly and inclusive environment during welcoming week. It is a time in which newcomers are accepted into the house and are taught everything they need to know to thrive as a Wilgenhoffer, a Matie and, subsequently, a member of society.

Stellenbosch University now permits certain pre-approved socials. We will ensure that all social events comply with COVID-19 regulations and recommendations. ✌🏻

You tell us 😉

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