Prospective Newcomers

Wilgenhof Residence has the opportunity to nominate 5 (five) students for placement in Wilgenhof in 2023. To be considered for these placements, please take note of the following requirements:

  1. Complete the attached application form and write a one-page motivation. These documentation are to be submitted to our Welcoming Leader, Andrew Sparks [[email protected]]before 6 October 2022.
  2. A student can only be considered for the Wilgenhof own-placement if:
    • He has been accepted for a Degree programme at Stellenbosch University for the year 2023; and
    • Applied for residence placement through the Stellenbosch University application process for placement in 2023, and selected Wilgenhof as first option; and
    • The student must meet the minimum requirements for residence placement at Stellenbosch University, according to the placement policy.
📷 Patrick Kilbourn
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