U20 Rugby SAUER Cup
Wilgenhof is the reigning champion of the U20 Rugby Tournament.
SU Acapella Competition
Wilgenhof's Kraaie won Stellenbosch University's 2019 a capella competition.
At the end of each year, Wilgenhof's Oumanne are given one last send off with the biggest of Big Fires.
1st Years' Dance
Each year Wilgenhof hosts a dance for its Newcomers shortly after Welcoming Week.
House Bust
Willows loves lunch! So much that sometimes it might even take place on the Rooiplein.
Culture Evening
Wilgenhof is often the host of Culture Evenings that allow Maties to show off their talents.
Wilgenhof's biggest event of the year is well known throughout Stellenbosch.
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