Wilgenhof is a modern and inclusive residence founded on the principles of Respect, Individuality, Sense of Community, and Critical Thinking, informed by the pursuit of Excellence.

Die Plek, as it is affectionately known by its residents, was established in 1903 and is the oldest student residence in Stellenbosch.

Notable alumni include former Constitutional Court Justice Edwin Cameron, anti-Apartheid activist Beyers Naudé, business leaders such as Christo Wiese, Michael Jordaan, Paul Harris, and Whitey Basson, and rugby legends such as Doc Danie Craven, Morné du Plessis, and Schalk Brits.

Our 4 Ground Principles

A Wilgenhoffer must embody Respect in his recognition and treatment of all people, their ideas, beliefs, and property; as well as for his own intrinsic value, Wilgenhof, the Stellenbosch community and our broader society.
A Wilgenhoffer must harbour no fear to be true to himself in his interaction with the world.
Sense of Community
A Wilgenhoffer must uphold his sense of community by recognising the interdependence of community members and placing the needs of others before his own.
Critical Thinking
A Wilgenhoffer must exhibit Critical Thinking by analysing all situations thoroughly and objectively and practicing continuous self-reflection.

Our Manifesto

Wilgenhof must be: 

  • A modern and inclusive residence founded on the principles of Respect, Individuality, Sense of Community and Critical Thinking, informed by the pursuit of Excellence. 
  • A place of belonging, proud of our heritage but inspired by progress, where all are free to be themselves and where diversity of thought is championed. 
  • A platform to grow and excel at University and beyond, empowering Wilgenhoffers to become true agents of change and leaders of thought to propel South Africa forwards. 
  • Fully in support of the law and spirit of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa and the Bill of Rights contained therein, as well as the foundational values of  freedom, equality and human dignity. 
  • In support of the statutes and values of Stellenbosch University, contributing to the uniquely rich experience of student life in Stellenbosch, with specific reference to the broader community.  
  • A source of pride for its residents, Stellenbosch University and South Africa,  broadly recognised as an institution of thought and leadership.

Recent achievements

U20 Rugby SAUER Cup
Wilgenhof is the reigning champion of the U20 Rugby Tournament.
SU Acapella Competition
Wilgenhof's Kraaie won Stellenbosch University's 2019 a capella competition.
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